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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Town of Orchard Hills

Orchard Hills is a strange little town that exists just outside of reality, a place where evil lurks just under the surface. Nothing looks quite right, and it's home to the strangest of creatures. The whole town is a graveyard with one road passing through it--Sharp Road--that has a single large house, reminiscent of the Victorian Era. A house that holds many mysteries.

We are first introduced to Orchard Hills in 9111 Sharp Road, when 11-year-old Amanda Gates moves there and begins living in the big house on Sharp Road. There is a long history here that Amanda can only begin uncovering, but she knows something isn't right. It isn't long before these mysteries overwhelm her.

The overall story-arc of the series is open, with the main goal to be to uncover all the strange happenings in Orchard Hills. The next book, which I am currently working on, is tentatively titled My Sister Is A Ghost. Its beginning coincides with the ending of 9111 Sharp Road, taking up with a character named Little Jimmy Rogers, who has led a difficult life that is about to get a whole lot harder.

My Sister Is A Ghost, like 9111 Sharp Road, is a self-contained story, but also tells the overall narrative of Orchard Hills in a jig-saw fashion. Only when the reader reads all the books together, however many there may be, will he or she have an answer to the most confounding questions.

Now, will you join me at the gates of Orchard Hills? The entry fee is only 99 cents.

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